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Shoe Personality of the Week: 1/23/2012

Yesterday 1 of my friends created an album on Facebook of well-appointed Brothas who give us all a case of the fevah. You know...the kind Robitussin can't do a damn thing about. Aside from the unparalleled beauty of these men, such as Andre 3000, Idris Elba & Don Cheadle, the most evident thing about them is the way they put themselves together. It's their sense of style.

Following suit, I'm going to give up the ghost in today's Shoe Personality of the Week to cats wit' a mean shoe game. As my friend pointed out, it's time for US, the ladies, to raise our standards & our requirements. If you're out of pull ups, there should be NOTHING sexy to you about a boy or a man with the crack of his ass or even his underwear showing. Underclothing tells you where it goes: UNDER, as in OUT OF SIGHT!! Women are always told to save some things for the imagination. Well, fellas, I'd like NOT to imagine the sweat streak down your crack on your exposed UNDERwear because you've worked up butt-sweat from the hard work it takes to keep your pants suspended just so about your thighs instead of allowing the waist band to do what it do.

The power of a woman is tossed around often, men very much aware of how many changes they'd have to make if women expected them to, & thankful that too many of us don't know better to do better. If you are a grown woman, a man's pants should be at his waist. If you're a grown woman your man should own more kinds of pants than jeans. If you are a grown woman his whole shoe collection shouldn't come from Footlocker or stores like it. Why? Because I'd hope that you'd want your man to be versatile, able to go to places with dress codes (which also often translate to behavior codes), not always be profiled as the last cat who ran away from the scene of a crime, not slow down your travels through the airport & look like he's done more than work the baggage at 1.

In order to pull off all these grown up clothes, he's got to have shoes that make the cut. I hate to break it to you but Payless doesn't cut it. Women have more room to play with where they buy their shoes (though, I'm not a fan of low brow footwear) & can get away with going the cheap route. A man's shoes cost a little more for distinguished style.

In honor of my father who has always worn dope shoes, the men who've crossed my path, & Benetton Beau (who needs NO help with his shoes), I offer you the grown man starter. Gitchu 1'a these & you're off to a good start.

I'm going to refrain from going any further. I really can nut up about a good men's shoe. You don't need to know me that well so Imma gon' & chill out & keep this ultra short.

Now, run along & find a woman with taste to help you stop dressing like you're in a 90's rap video. That look's PLAYED OUT!!

Watch me move.

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