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Happy Love Day!!

I ain't worried about Saint Valentine, the Catholic patron saint, nor am I worried about no lil' diapered baby with wings & a bow & arrow.

While some of you are sitting, shit-faced, & throwing all kindsa shade at those who are recipients today, I challenge you to check yourself. Who said that any holiday has to be celebrated in the form YOU in which you were introduced? The same way people have made decisions to celebrate Thanksgiving by actually being in service & to turn Christmas into a celebration of family, it is entirely possible to commandeer Valentine's Day & make it what you wish it to be. My 1st suggestion is that you make a point to ALWAYS pronounce it correctly. After that, the world is your oyster on the half shell or your clam bake; it's up to you.

If you find yourself on the deficit side of a couple, remember that Love takes many forms. Self Love is 1st & foremost. We all know that if we do not first love self, we are unable to fully love another. However you go about showing love to your self--make that happen!! Give yourself a long hot soak & a pedi. Put on your favorite bold color & smile every time you look down at your toes. If the kitchen is where your magic happens, put on a good show for self & hook up the prettiest plate of love from You to You. Curl up with that book you've been wanting to read or put on that playlist you made to remind you of the good times. Put on something that makes you feel pretty or handsome & chill...with yourself--take yourself out or order in your favs. If you & your hands are close, rub them down with something warm & wonderfully scented & take yourself to the top of the world. We're grown...let us not fake 'round here.

Being without a significant other--notice I didn't say alone--is NOT the end of the world. In fact, it's often what's needed so that we can clear our minds & our space for what's to come. If you don't feel right being by yourself, you will NEVER feel all the way right with anyone either; searching for someone else to complete you.

If you've a got a special someone, there really is no need to use today to go overboard unless it's some kind of tradition in your relationship, or you typically slum the rest of the year. Truth is, if you're year round deficient, you have bigger fish to fry than what you should get to shower on your Boo, TODAY. Instead you may wanna holla at a friend or family member who seems to have their stuff tight. Remember, it's the little things that count. Tell your other just how significant they are to you on a regular basis. Don't take kisses & hugs for granted. "I love you" sounds musical coming from ANY voice, when it's sincere. What could s/he need that would lighten the load in some other aspect of Life? Workaholic? Got kids? Cooks 3 course meals for YOU every night? An artist by night trying to care about a 9-5 by day? How can you get in where you fit in to make your special someone's load lighter?

Wait!! What about your family? They deserve to know they're loved too, right? Make a loving phone call or 2. Send a heart felt text to ya folks at work right now who can't talk. Do you have a small child? Show up at his/her classroom w/treats & silly cards & feel the joy of a group knee hug. Call up your closest friends & book a table at your favorite 2-star (cuz you know all the good spots are booked up) restaurant & shoot the shit over drinks & vittles.

This day is what you make it. If you choose to make it nothing, don't put your negative vibes out into the atmosphere so others are choking on your black clouds of envy. For those who truly don't care, they don't bother to make mention of the day at all. Instead of planting shade trees, just send somebody the love you hoped to receive today & it will come back to you 2-fold.

& if nobody else tells you they love you, I do. Happy Love Day!!

Watch me move.

Post Script-- for anyone spending this day the old fashioned way, with a partner, you may wanna share this with them, since it is Cuffing Season.

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