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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Little Woman

I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! & I feel like I need a little love in my Life right now.

Connections to her have been made since she arrived on the scene on A Different World. I guess the muted brown in our complexions, the short stature--mine once boyish like hers--& the spunky spirit & I understand the likeness. It made more sense to me than being held up as mirror images of Tisha Campbell (WTF?!?), Lisa Left Eye Lopez (not really but mmmkay), Toni Braxton (do y'all need glasses?) & Lauryn Hill (had to be the locs).

Who wouldn't want to be likened to the phenomenal beauty that Lauryn Hill is? Still, it didn't make any sense. & the others...I just wasn't feeling the connection A'TALL!! Ms. Jada, however, I've never turned my nose up in disgust when compared to her. There's something about her energy that just feels...familiar. I've been, & continue to be, the feisty little woman who is often counted out as though my height makes me invisible. Then, given the strong --__-- as folks try to figure out where all that _____________________ came from. (Fill in the blanks with whatever you've potentially mistaken about me) I've watched Jada Pinkett-Smith mature from OK actress to creative force to be reckoned with. Producer. Director. Songwriter. Singer. Model. Author. Motivational speaker. She's started a school, raising 2 of her own children & helping to raise 1 of someone else's. She's forward thinking in her approach to her relationship to a highly visible movie icon. & she doesn't waste time playing into your games with her relationship. Powerhouse, in a little body.


A couple months back the innerwebs were all in a tizzy over the supposed breakup of the Smith family. Her best friend's husband, Duane Martin--married to the applehead chick I supposedly resemble, has been tabloid-linked as the reason why the Smiths reportedly dissolved their marriage. I don't recall reading or hearing about a statement from Will or Jada & something told me not to look for anything. The classy & sophisticated way these 2 have handled their marriage over the years left me comfortable with 2 things:

1. They probably didn't really split;
2. If they did, it ain't my business & let those people deal with their relationship in their own way.

& now there's this. The video below is Jada's latest with her band that is no longer called Wicked but Wicked Evolution. Even in music we must evolve. For the 1st time, I can actually stand what they play; gone are the heavily rock laced cuts that gave me a headache watching Willow's mama whip her hair back & forth (& further challenging the constraints of "Black music"). This is a beautiful love song that confirms what I had no idea actually existed in Jada--a voice. She's no songbird to me (yet) but she certainly gives the likes of some of these other chicks with major pub a run for their money. Rihanna...sitchoazzdown!!

Take a second to hear your girl Jada out. She speaks on her relationship first, in beautiful Spanish without the butchered American accent, & manages to still not tell you anything if you don't understand the language. You go girl!! The song is lovely & Jada Pinkett-Smith, with it, inspires me to keep digging deep, to find the courage to be unapologetically ME & let y'all worry about what you can't handle. That ain't my issue...not for me to worry about.

In honor of short, feisty women go-getters everywhere...

Watch us move.

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