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Shoe Personality of the Week: 4/2/2012

i almost hate to post this beautiful sandal, lest you beat me to the punch...

It's not quite sandal season yet, but it's not a bad time to start considering what your shoe game is going to look like when Summer officially kicks off. Summer for me means freedom. Freedom from thick, hot layers. Freedom from the oppressive grey of winter. Freedom from being indoors. Freedom from heavy, starchy foods. Freedom from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Freedom from children & families.

As I bask in the afterglow of regaining control of my Life, I am discharging the stifling place & people that blew in a dark cloud that has lingered, raining down on my existence for the last 3 years. Tired of being rained on, I have found the wind in my own chest & blown this cloud out of my world. & you know what? The sun is shining so brightly on me right now. I face so much uncertainty &, for the 1st time, it's SO REFRESHING to have no idea what tomorrow holds. In fact, the notion of having no official clue as to which arrow to follow makes me feel like ALL options are possible for me. I'M POSSIBLE.

In this very moment I have the opportunity to recreate myself or to repot some aspect of Me that has been neglected & caused my roots to be stifled & preventing growth. Today's beautiful shoe is a sandal called Earth Walker. I feel like even the notion of walking the Earth is a possibility. I can point my feet in any direction I choose & claim whatever awaits me at the end of that journey. I can change my mind part way & switch directions. I can be parts of this & pieces of that. I can sip Life slow or slurp it up in big gulps.

There's a new path to traverse. Even as I walked the journey I've just completed, there were those whose conversations about my future were laced with fear. They were afraid I'd be brave enough to step out on the Faith that they could no longer remember how to connect with. As folks around me start recognizing the return of my smile, look curiously to see if that was really me laughing again, there'll undoubtedly be questions. Some of you will personally ask me to map out my new choices for you. I apologize in advance if my drawing of the terrain I choose to cross is a little less than clear. The itinerary for this trip will not be fully disclosed.

I'm looking forward to when my letter from Me to Me arrives in my email inbox from FutureMe.org. I honestly don't recall what I wrote to myself about where I want to be in a year (don't even remember from when...), but I look forward to seeing if I'd really put this latest move in play. I wonder if it will clearly outline moving toward the shedding of abuse & moving with purpose into whatever tomorrow holds. I wonder if it will clearly outline the lessons I have just recently learned, or if it will reveal the truths I'm not always consciously aware of. The prospect is actually so exciting that I think I'll write myself another letter, RIGHT NOW, so that I can come back to this very moment & be reminded of the joy, freedom & happiness I have just injected back into my Life--in case I get so bogged down in the day-to-day that I've somehow forgotten my mission.

Well, the Earth itself is not something I desire to walk, but I do look forward to slow strolling through the world that is my Life. I look forward to new lessons learned, the application of those just learned, & clarity of sight & mind to continue to move in Imani & Nia (faith & purpose) toward my BEST SELF!! & it would be nice if whatever I find myself doing would afford me this pair of beautifully expensive Donald J. Piner sandals.

Watch me move [always with Me in mind.]

Post Script--there are systems out there that bank on our fear & passivity. It is those systems that convince us that we should slave, sacrificing health, sanity, & personal joy for the right to rub a few pennies together that really only keep us alive long enough (barely in some cases) to slave for another 2 weeks. Nothing has been more immediately liberating than making decisions that have ended professional subjugation. I have learned that I really don't need a check bad enough. $$ isn't everything & a way will be made if you make a way. Courage under fire doesn't require that you allow yourself to be charred. I'm not into skin grafts. Always be courageous enough to save your SELF.


  1. Younger (not Little) BrotherApril 1, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    as a hip-hop fan I think the last verse in the song "Who Loves you More" found on Phonte's album Charity Starts at Home speaks to your feelings. Buena Suerte.

  2. got it cued & listening (though i've played the album) for the words speaking my heart. & i officially underdig. no more little; cuz you damn sho' ain't small. love you tremendously!!