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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Day 4: Most Cherished Material Possession

The writing challenge continues in search of ways for me to share about various aspects of my life. Don't forget to "like" when you like & share when you're moved to & drop of your comments. Writers need those. Here goes the latest:

I've been female all of my life and a woman for a good minute. My whole life with my specific set of genitalia I have been hearing about the man waiting to take advantage. In EVERY imaginable situation there has been tales of wolves in sheep's clothing waiting to sink their canine incisors into my unknowing and gullible female skin. Unbeknownst to the wolves of the world, I was raised by a superheroine who slayed those who believed in the vagina as an infliction. Her cape is still in use, dazzling onlookers with new special powers developed in the years you fools mistakenly consider to be the elder years. That means her cape is available for me to play in.

One day I found myself yawning a great deal more than usual. I was fatigued from allowing the children of others to latch on to me for 6 or more hours a day and leech information, affection, and attention off of me. By the end of these days I felt depleted and uninterested in my own life on the two days of the week that sanctioned rest for heroines and mortals alike. I had been engaged in a cultural immersion experiment, getting to know the commoners and their needs by sharing their mode of transportation. These commoners and their issues made my vision cloudy, caused me to wish my capacity to perceive sound wasn't so good and that my powerful olfactory device was weakened. I started my days, needing to be fully charged for my 25 saccharine leeches. The time spent en route to latching incubator, amongst the commoners, dulled my senses and occasionally weakened the potency of my offerings to those precious sponges of mine.

The time had clearly come to separate myself from these energy sapping commoners and return to the good ol' days of singular travel. I didn't go about deciding on the make and model of my mode based on what most assume those of us strapped down with girly parts might. Very conscious of the worlds between my desires and my earnings, I had to work with one of my greatest powers--getting over myself. I let go of my big dreams of sitting high and watching what happens in the world from above. I enjoyed seeing eye to eye with the people so I brought it down some. I didn't choose colors or amenities because as a part time superheroine I am able to create something from nothing so need to lose my mind on material things.

I arranged to make some visits and see what would or could or even should be my direction. I had found appropriate coupons and the best deals and dealerships and went in to test drive in an attempt to weed out which would be my new pod. I paid close attention to mileage already put on and found little difference in any of the other ins and outs. Everything had been dull, in shades of dark blue that really didn't speak to me. I had another chat with myself, a basic reminder that my purchase didn't have to be a symbol for anything, and was mostly about me having less direct contact with certain aspects of my environment.

Just as I was finishing my self-talk I was asked if I wanted to take one more test drive. There was no harm in going out one more time. In the end, I did what they say we all do and went with what I felt over everything else. It had 30,000 more miles than the one before it, but it had a sun roof and it was white--a color I didn't even know I could get into. After the ride I used my powers of mind control to make the dealer come down off the price and returned later with my mother to pick up my new chariot for good and left the new owner of a piece of the sky whenever the sunroof's open.

God bless the commoners but that bus life is for...well...not me (for as long as I can help it)!!!

Watch me move.

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