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Shoe Personality of the Week: 5/12/13

I know, I know...I'm in the middle of a writing challenge. Well, there's 2 things that won't change here. First, I still don't blog on Fridays or Saturdays. Second, Sunday will ALWAYS be dedicated to the Shoe Personality of the Week. There's a 3rd thing, & that's when the words don't fit, I don't force them--which is why I don't think I posted on Thursday either. So, lets get into this shoe.

I've been trolling the innerwebs for the perfect shoe for this week. I was looking at all kinds of open toe, pedicure highlightin' lovelies but I wasn't connecting with anything. I saw things I liked but not much that truly spoke to me. Then I realized it was because my own toes were actually cold. We waited on that damn groundhog to mislead us & then banked on the onset of Spring & then got duped. My own toenails are currently a fun shade of blue reminiscent of Skittles & begging to be showcased in the season's wedges. The season, however, ain't cooperating & has me still making sure my socks match & my ankles are warm. That left me to have to identify what other aspect of my current situation I can share with you all. Enter these:

What are they saying to me right now? Renewal. Retro is in but everything is coming back around with a spin or an embellishment, some small change. While I don't feel old enough to be a throwback, I do recognize that I AM in a state of renewal. I'm 2 years shy of 40, something I was never afraid of but couldn't imagine as a little girl. My mother was never old but being a mother, by default, she was old. Actually, the way it worked in my mind--& maybe yours too--is that if you were an adult you were old. There were children & there were adults. I didn't understand age or timelessness or fountains of youth or your current age once old becoming the new not old equivalent. I knew children did or didn't do certain things & then 1 day you become an adult & the whole world would open up. Well, that's still true, but there are phases that this aging thing moves through & the phases are a result of the decisions we make. I choose youth.

I didn't say I choose 'young.' I'm only as old as I feel. While I do appreciate a good nap & not so worried about nightlife & kickin' it, I feel EXCELLENT! I'm reclaiming my body BEFORE it goes to the dark side, tightening up my eating habits, & increasing my energy levels naturally. In turn, I not only look better but I feel better too. That means I can also still channel my inner sneaker freak without looking like some ancient poser tryna do what the kids do. No Mom Jeans for me & my version of a "sensible shoe" will not betray my youthful appearance & have you wondering when I took up nursing.

Me & my sneaker freakdom will never part. You'll have to forgive it now if you don't understand it & I'll forgive your lack of appreciation. You can find me in a pair while sweatin' it out or walkin' it out. But DO KNOW, when Mom Naycha decides she's gon' let Spring & Summer werk, I'll break out my Starburst colored pedis in some wedged out wonders & celebrating the softer side of Ndygo.

Watch me move.

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