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Shoe Personality of the Week 5/26/13

You know how people run adages like, "sleep is the cousin of death," "rest when I'm dead," & "no rest for the weary?" I've spent a lot of time, off & on, over the years assessing this nonsense. I don't know where this idea that we should never sleep, hustle til we can't hustle no more came from. It has become a [P.] Diddy-ology for me. There used to constantly be "news" reports on MTV & BET about the way this man approached his grind. Then when Making The Band happened we were given an insider's look--supposedly--to Sean Combs' world & his admission that he doesn't really sleep. NONE of those words came together to make sense to me but I watched others be fascinated by 'em.

While I am not someone who can stay in the bed all day or sleep crazy late, I AM someone who both needs & appreciates her sleep. I ain't NO GOOD when I'm not well rested. The irony of this admission is I honestly can't tell you the last time I even felt adequately rested. My mattress isn't the problem, since I committed to never sacrificing sleep to cheap mattresses again. Between my mind & my responsibilities, I just haven't been able to maintain my standard rest patterns. Part of where my mind is going is actually related to my personal grind, developing my own business sense & getting closer to creating the things in my heart that are growing ripe for sharing. The problem is, once I'm awake, handling the things that require immediate attention, I'm exhausted from my mind playing games with my sleep & feel like I'm not moving as fast as I should be. It seems my body is proving where these silly adages came from.

You're probably thinking I should give in, huh? Well, it would be the natural thing to do; succumb to the whims of my mind. As a person who intends to be here for as long as I'm allowed, I'm also WELL VERSED in the not just the benefits of but the necessity for rest. The body needs time to replenish so that it can indeed keep going & going & going. What's the middle ground? I do believe it's called vacation.

A vacation is a financial impossibility right now. That means I NEED for Mom Naycha to stop playing bald headed games & let the sun gon' & shine. The sun tricks my body into feeling all kinds of capable of damn near any & everything. So, if I can't actually disappear into the relaxing arms of a warm beach & clear waters, I need the weather to cooperate & let my sneakers transform into sandals & let the sun hit my Vitamin D starved skin.

Plus sandals are much cheaper than vacations & make me nearly as happy.

Watch me move.

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