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Shoe Personality of the Week: 5/5/2013

It's time for the what??!!?? I can't hear YOU! It's time for the WHATTTTTT??

Yes, boys & girls, it's time for the Shoe Personality of the Week. If you're new to these streets because all of sudden there are new posts to read, welcome, & jump into this weekly installment. This is where I find some kind of way to personify 1 of my most majorest loves: SHOES!! & if you know me, you didn't give me any strong side eye for my use of "most majorest" cuz you know I'm good with these letters & handle them well enough to play when I feel like it.

So anyway...

One of the current shoe trends that I both love & hate at the same damn time is this studs business. Shoes look like weapons of violence & seduction. They look like we should all be afraid to cross our legs in them for fear of accidental laceration. & as I'm sure you all know, there are few things less sexy than blood. On the other hand, the shoes are bull of bad-assedness & who doesn't like to go hard from time to time? In the latest shoe trend, you can go hard AND still be sexy--except when the particular shoe goes a little overboard & takes major liberties on either side.

None of us are any one thing, & I consider myself to be something of a robust salad or a hearty gumbo. I have a nougaty center with a tough candy coating. I'm a ball of emotions & a whole lot of indifference. I will laugh at you when you trip, especially if it's less than graceful, while sincerely offering a hand to help you up AND dust you off. I laugh at horror movies & cry at commercials featuring kids doing cute things. I have an affinity for things so ugly that they're cute. Like this:

What is the point, you ask?

Well, these shoes that both annoy me & call out to me are a lot like who I am. I know that I have many purposes. & a lot of what I'm called her to do involves battle. Hence, the perfection in shoe weaponry since I believe that I should look good in whatever the uniform is for the job I'm performing. Right now, I'm a student, an educator, & many other things I won't bother to run down right now. As I juggle these various acts, wear these various hats, I'm still trying to achieve balance, live big, laugh loud & smile often. There are few smiles to be had while wearing a 5 in heel, but I can dream. Life is hard. On a daily basis I ride by many people, places & things that remind me of just how good I have it. My bank acct is sittin' on air bubbles instead of 0's, I am unemployed, & I honestly don't know how I'm going to get by. As I walk this walk, teetering on stilts & praying not to fall on my face, I don't look broke, or scared, or any of the other things I could be right now. I'm pulling off 1 helluva balancing act in the here & now for a greater good in the future. I am battle tested. I am on the battlefield, but my uniform is starched & pressed & my resolve is unshaken. If you get in my way, if need be, I will stand tall & kick dat ass & look good while I do it. Studded stiletto. That's me.

Watch me move.

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