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Shoe Personality of the Week: 6/29/2013

This past week was a doozy. The news had me reeling in some way just about everyday. By the end of it, I felt like some kind of feral cat. I didn't feel intellectually or emotionally safe & that put me in danger & made me a threat. There's no need to recap the details of the Trayvon Martin trial, SCOTUS rulings, or Paula Deen's Oscar performances. You were there & your opinions have been formed. While I'm not going to touch the other happenings, I MUST take a moment to thank you for your solidarity in supporting Rachel Jeantel & sharing so that others could show the young lady love as well. Because of YOU, the post got more reads in 1 day than I've had at the end of some months. I can't begin to share how moved I am that it was THAT post over any other that caught your attention & caused you to rise up.

I'm not going to touch the rest of last week so I'll breeze that in anticipation of what this week brings.

I'll be greeting a new group of students into my Life tomorrow. Instead of the students spanning Pre K-12 education I've worked with thus far, I'll be working with students who've just crossed the finish line that is the 12th grade & preparing to go to college. I'll be gaining knowledge a whole new group with new challenges & diverse personalities. I live for the opportunity to take another group into my heart. I'll have an opportunity to do what animal print does--blend in and join together. I'll be a bold neutral, anchoring a new learning experience.

On top of a new group of kids young adults, I'll be spearheading a lightening fast movement--I hope--to get Operation: Get Back On The Horse back in swing. I've done what I set out to do in returning to academia & giving myself adjustment time while breaking from the hustle & bustle of the daily grind. The hiatus has lasted FARRRRRR longer than was ever intended & my livelihood is in jeopardy. As much as Mama would like to take a sandy, beachy, oceany vacy, Mama needs much more to ensure that she's not sleeping outside. I have to forge boldly ahead, looking at what I can & should do through survivalist eyes & make the Earth move beneath my own feet.

Much like this week's shoe, I'll need to channel the idea of blending in while standing out, convincing someone of my individual value while also making sure they feel comfortable that I can function well on a team. Teamwork does indeed make the dream work, if you are sharing the same dream, so blending in will be necessary in convincing others that I'm asleep on the same pillows. I'll continue to dream my own dreams, quietly & out the way of those who won't handle with care.

Change is on the horizon. I'm claiming it like I did the return to school. As I move forward it will be ever bold, certainly present, & with the purpose of joining together my work & my dreams. All your positive energy is welcome & requested. Bear with me because your patience will be required.

Watch me move.

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