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Shoe Personality of the Week: 6/9/2013

I first saw these Reeboks months ago & put them on a wish list on a site that has provided me more than 1 pair of fresh, unique kicks. Don't ask me for the url because we can't all be out here rockin' the same shit. It just wouldn't be right. Anyway, when I saw them & added to my wish list & pinned them on Pinterest, I had no idea what they would come to represent down the road. Enter: down the road.

The colors are happy right? Sprummery (spring + summer= sprummer) brightness that make you feel like paint splashes at day camp went right. Right? There's something else in them too. At 1st, the yellow was the sun, happy & hopeful. The more I've looked at them they feel like some kind of fine line between hope & despondency (loogidup). It's the tight rope that I'm currently walking. I'm happy to be alive. I'm happy to have been able to meet my needs for the last year of unemployment, entry to graduate school, & figuring out just who I am if not a teacher anymore. Did you taste the way the sour crept up into that lemonade? Yeah. That's what this yellow represents for me. My Life is sweet, but there's a sour rim to it that's not as figuratively delicious as when around a cocktail or that sour chase behind a shot.

Then there's that watery blue. Turquoise, maybe, but not quite. At first glance I was beach inspired. I'd never wear any such shoe to the beach, but it really does make me think of tropical waters. Real vacationy (you mad cuz you ain't make it up 1st). I'm transported back to Riviera Maya, Mexico & the ridiculous rest & relaxation I have found only there thus far in my Life. Ohhhhhhhh, how I need that rest & relaxation now. Why? Because my Life is more like the fractures in the blue. There's an electricity running through it. Electricity will either light it up or spark it up & sparks lead to fire. With the precarious state of most things in my Life, with the exception of staying on track for grad school, I feel like lightening has struck. The flash was beautiful but the blaze has been set & nothing is putting out these fires. The only water supply I'm working with are tears.

While I don't get into white being the sole representation of newness, I can NOT front on how pristine the soles of these 'Boks are. I also don't seek white for hope--sit with that a minute--I see the symbolic fresh start happening here. I want it & I shall have it. This period, that I pray ends sooner rather than later, is training me up for the next. Who the hell knows what I'll be C.E.O. of after surviving this period. Don't get it twisted, I don't mean that in the company takeover sense, but recognize that I am the chief executive officer over my own affairs & I'm taking this company to the next level. Hopefully things will be right for a little franchising when this is all said & done. Make use of the literary devices you know & decode that there.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to try to stay on top of being thankful for what I do have, try not to get too distracted by starvation shrinking my stomach, & be grateful for the extended daylight cutting back my Pepco bill. I'll also have to swallow not being able to cop these shoes & add them to my growing collection of this series in favor of gas in my car & being able to add some tomato to my mayonaise sandwiches.

I got first world problems; things could certainly be worse.

Watch me move.

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