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Shoe Personality of the Week: 2/16/14

Valentine's Day has passed but love, like hope, springs eternal. So, Imma speak, real loosely on it for a minute.

The artist formerly known as Benneton Boo, turned The Beau, copped us some tickets to see Katt Williams this weekend. We two LOVE comedy, & both stan for the comedic Lilliputian (loogidup) so this made for the most perfect celebration of the way our love gets down. So, he & I dressed for the occasion, all Februaried down, clear about the cold nighttime temps & the possible ice after all this damn snow.

Lemme pause for a minute & tell you the type of chick I AM. I am NOT here for Winter. I don't believe in it. I don't support it. It doesn't get my vote. That means that when I venture into the frozen tundra--or anything under 45 for me--I am head to toe covered. That means tights or leggings under pants/jeans, it means insulated boots, hats, scarves & gloves. It means sweaters & insulated underthings. If your event requires me to be cute between December & March, don't expect me because I have not met the Winter boot that perfectly accompanies a cocktail dress. I also have not met the tights or stockings that feel like fleece-lined pants (which I do not own) to prevent my knees from kickin' my ass all night. Needless to say, I was cute, but I wasn't CAYUTE!!

Whatevs. The Beau knows who he's with. & for this, among other things, I love him. This dude knows that there is a far greater likelihood of me coming out the house in
than a pair of heels. But that's any time of year. I love a good heel, but the love is unrequited, & e'rybody knows that's the worse kind.

See, I like to toot that thang up like the next woman, but in the case of last night...it wasn't gon' happen. I literally went ice skating for half a block walking back to the car after Katt Williams gave us the giggles. Those chicks who went hard in the muthafuckin paint & were out there tippin with NO tights or stockings in 5 in heels have garnered my fascination, though not my respect. See, what I'm not gon' do for no man is freeze to death, or bust my ass. I won't bother to describe the clothing that was on display last night because this is the SHOE personality of the week, but lets just say that weather appropriateness must be a thing of the past with the number of bustier tops with all types of exposed shouldery that was on display. All I have to say to that is no & ma'am.

What I appreciate is that I don't have to front at all for or with The Beau. He knows he has an almost 40 [year old] sneaker freak for his lady, who'd rather go where these are appropriate
instead of someplace where the price of my sexy is to pout because I'm shivering instead of because I'm flirting. To accommodate, he's working on getting his sneaker game UP.& I love him for it. Reason #4,692.

He also appreciates that I'm a classic chick. None of these space jam sneakers for me. Give me a classic retro look, reminiscent of the good old days. & if you make them in my favorite color, which is coincidentally Valentine's Day appropriate, I'm GOOD!! Like these....
Don't. Let. Me. Find. These....

In case it got lost in translation, the personality of the week is Love. Self love so strong I'll not suffer frostbite for anyone. Love of Katt Williams so strong that we were willing to take a chance on the ticket price despite his checkered recent past. Love of each other (Belle & Sweets kinda love) in full acceptance of one another. There's also the love of timelessness but you get the point by now.

Find a way to be YOU at all times...even if YOU don't have good sense & go out in these adolescent degrees witcha feets out. & I'll keep being me. Wit' mine IN!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day. Merry Sundee. & have a great week!

Watch me move.

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