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Shoe Personality of the Week: March 30, 2014

I'm finding it difficult to truly keep track of time these days. I know work week to weekend by the energy required to wake up in the mornings, the self-talk required to get out of the bed & into the shower, & the hard crash on Friday evenings. I get off at 3 and rarely see past 5:30. Here is a good use for the hackneyed declaration, "the struggle is real."

As I watch everyone around me juggle a billion & 1 projects, pushing for personal change, family change, and/or community change, the standard says there should be no less than all the balls in the air for this juggling act. This all confuses me because I've only got 2 hands but all the examples say I must be able to do more with them than it appears. & I can. But should I? Jack of all trades, master of none? As my friend, The Guru, put my ass on the mat last week, I've been left to continuously ponder, "you're a great producer...for other people." I can't get that out of my head.

Today is Sunday. The day the Lord made. A day of rest. Or some such something. While I am not Christian & don't seek the Bible for guidance, I appreciate the concept of a day of rest & prefer to leave Sunday to be a chill transition day. The cock will crow on the 'morrow for the labor at the plantation to begin again, & I'd rather be rested & mentally ready for the incremental, day by day take down that occurs weekly. At least that way, I can make it to Wednesday without my back on the ropes. However, my To Do List suggests that rest is fantasy. There is a group paper and a group project to work on. There is grocery shopping for me & my mother to complete. There is a writing sample awaiting my attention. I have a magazine piece to write. The week's meals need to at least be prepped. I need to assess the weather & gather some idea of what I will put on my back for the next 5 days. I have a vocabulary study to create. Outside of the official To Do list, I have an incomplete vision board staring me in the face, laundry that needs to be put away going on 3 weeks later, & some light cleaning to make happen. I need to reach out to some children about some work for my Saturday program. & it would be nice to sit still for 30 personal minutes to read later. I may be eating those minutes sitting here now, writing. As The Guru said, "you want it all, & you can't have it all." Call me greedy. I may not answer, but you can call me.

To figure this all out, how to put some of this madness down to make room for the pursuits that make most to me, I'll need my own Life Coach. Funny, a chick who wants to be a life coach seeking a life coach. But in real life it's often difficult to do for self what you can do for others so, no shame in calling in for back up. My summer course schedule is set. I'm anticipating the things I need to be in place to balance a part of this juggling act that I hope to catch the last ball for next summer. & while these balls are in the air, my shoes are tightly laced & I'm running at a good clip toward a couple of finish lines. Two races will end next year. I only hope that I have the good sense not to sign up for the next race before taking a minute to reflect on the journey, apply the lessons, & allow my lungs a few moments to fill & empty without responsibility.

Enhhhh...I don't have good sense.

When you see me unlacing & rubbing my feet on the curb, offer me a bottle of water & sit with me long enough to remind me to keep sitting a little more. I'm earning the rights to that rest now.

Watch me move.

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