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Sharing Isn't Always Caring: the Mimi Faust edition

Before I get into this, let me clear something up:
I give NO DAMBS & fewer uckfs about Mimi Faust. She & the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta franchise (& LHHNY as well) gits no love from me. It's not because I'm above watching reality TV or because I haven't stomached 1 or 6 (or maybe more) episodes of this show. However, I've decided that I just can't continue to support things that I can't even find remotely believable. For example:
1. I do not believe in the universe that has someone like Stevie J having a plethora of options to lay with & stay with. It's just not possible in my reality.
2. Joseline as a real person or a caricature cannot exist in my space. I don't believe in her, I don't think she's cute & I honestly don't believe she's a woman. I'm sure she is. But I don't believe it. That makes no sense, & therefore I cannot watch it or her.
3. I don't know of any whole group of women who ALL hang out together & have gargantuan asses & live whole days in mini body con dresses or wear leggings. With everything.
4. Benzino. Just why? I still don't believe you. You've NEVER had enough people.
5. Lil Scrappy & his mama. Neither of these 2 people is worth the time & energy it takes to swat flies. We gotta make better dating choices, people. Even if I had time to try to translate every word out of his mouth, upon meeting his mother, it would've been clear that life with him wasn't gon' be no crystal stair without throwing her down a flight. & I'm sure mama assault is at least a misdemeanor--if she were a white mama, a felony--& I'm too cute for jail. Seriously, apples don't fall far from the tree & a tree with root rot produces spoiled fruit.

Back to Mimi Faust.

Are y'all really buzzing around these innerwebs throwing meme shade at this woman for what you consider to be her bad choice? She's on reality TV. & this ain't the Tia & Tamera format with dogs & actual husbands & real friendships, but the hood booga boughetto 101 version with all the money, clothes, & hoes. Disclaimer: no actual disrespect calling these women hoes, but making use of the hip hop insertion. It is, after all, Love & Hip Hop. Moving on. This woman had a child with Stevie J. That alone lets us all know that her faculties aren't always in order & perhaps she doesn't have enough real friends. Her latest choice of man, Nikko, is a different shade of corn ball. She clearly has a knack for picking whackness out of a crowd. We all can't have the same skills & there are multiple intelligences. Word to Howard Gardner.

The point of this is not to go on Mimi for her choices, but for you to consider when pointing the finger at Mimi, 3 point back at you, the consumer. I decided I wasn't going to support this kind of nonsense personally by turning Mimi & n'em off & committing to never revisiting them again. I'm not implying I'm better than you, just outlining my choices. Laughing at them wasn't helping them. Being dismayed by them wasn't helping them. Shaking my head wasn't helping them. Giving them ratings wasn't helping either of us--& you are included in that, if you're wasting time judging while still watching.

If you appreciate this franchise, & watch religiously, then you should be prepared for WHAT. EVER. & when whatever happens, you should tuck your napkin into your shirt or unfold it on your lap, crack open your lime-a rita, sit back & sup at the buffet of ratchetness. Because you love it. & I guess that's OK, for you. But you can't have high expectations for ratchet, or any at all for that matter. Mimi is giving you exactly what you want, so get full & do as those who are busy chewing do & close your mouth. It's rude to talk with a mouth full.

For those of you who choose not to watch or even those who swear they're above any of reality TV's offerings, now's not the time to join in. We live in a society that has glorified this behavior enough to have several channels getting in on the goods. Everyone wants a piece of this pie & folks are lined up pitching shows about just how ridiculous they can make their lives look for a buck. Cuz the job market ain't stable & folks gotta eat. Sex tapes are the new resume, unfortunately, and if y'all (cuz I didn't participate in this 1) can promote that Armenian chick to stardom on the strength of having sex with a dude whose albums you won't even buy & won't afford him the same celebrity, then you've helped paint the bricks that lead to this new kind of OZ.

Here, when society gets blamed, recognize that while there's no 'u' in the word, YOU certainly are a part of the God Body that is society. That means it's more than a little backwards to start calling slut & questioning this woman's choices. These are choices that YOU have made available to her. She's doing what is on the dollar menu of choices to make, without realizing that the double standard does still exist, so, without an old white money last name or some exotic European blood in her, she'll be relegated to haux status.

My taste for reality TV has changed. I actually like Tia & Tamera's little boring show. Braxton Family Values cracks me up. But I've had to turn my back on Real Housewives of Peachtree Ave, the Love & Hip Hops can kick rocks, & Black Ink Crew as well. A dude having 3 baby mamas snappin' on him for wanting to blend everyone into a Pharrell video while he fears a jail stint just doesn't move me. A tatted up hood t-shirt model creating an empire with a bit of a bum on a New York corner in a slow tattoo parlor is no longer entertaining. Kenya Moore & her antics. Phaedra pretending her nose is in the atmosphere, & that poor chile whose husband left her all just make me sad. I ain't got time for sadness when I'm already prone to depression. So, y'all can have it. But remember, while you're watching, the fact that you watch gives them the thumbs up to continue in the manner they have. So don't clutch your pearls too tightly while watching Nikko pound Mimi cuz based on the pics that I can't seem to avoid, everyone's on a 1st name basis with her snatch. & you watched it. & shared it. So, you've condoned it. Now leave that girl alone unless you're going to reach out & offer her a respectable job so she can feed that baby Steebie ain't supportin' with his million dollars in back child support havin ass. So if you really care about Mimi Faust's choices, perhaps you'll stop sharing the 1's you don't support, giving her backhanded approval ratings while dragging her name through the mud. She's got to be confused.

Happy trolling.

Watch me move.

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