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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then expected for the inspiration to dry up. It didn't. Then I thought I'd really just keep them to myself because, while they haven't stopped flowing, I wasn't sure 21 x 2 would be as solid as the original 21. However, my current cheer captain said it was needed. She did some Jay-Z interview equivalent that made me laugh but served as enough gas to achieve what she intended--that I post again. She convinced me to do something else that worked out MAJORLY so I can't fully ignore her, but if these don't work for you, blame her.

22. Being an adult & being grown aren't the same thing. If you don't yet identify with BOTH & can't define either, well...

23. Completely not caring about what anyone else thinks is unwise. Choosing wisely whose opinions you value IS.

24. Never let your passport expire & get at least 1 stamp per year.

25. Don't travel with someone simply because you call them friend. It takes more than friendship to ensure you'll enjoy each other beyond your local jaunts.

26. Prevention over intervention.

27. Spontaneity is sexy.

28. Know your worth emotionally, intellectually, & professionally & ALWAYS work hard to ONLY be in spaces that honor your worth. It's hard to do & not even always possible but it's worth shooting for.

29. Find a museum or park that gives you peace, sparks deep thought or both, & go there often.

30. Never stop reading.

31. Find a good seamstress.

32. Fashion trends keep you youthful but be sure the 1's you choose to follow enhance instead of detract.

33. Own more than 1 kind of bathing suit.

34. Keep in contact with the good people you encounter on every job, even if the job itself was shit & you'd like to distance yourself from most everything about it.

35. Be a careful observer on every place of employment, learn the game played there & beef up on the rules so you can play successfully as long as you choose to bother.

36. Maintain or create at least 1 tradition.

37. Watch out for addictions. But if they show up, dig beneath them to find what parts of you are begging for healing.

38. Don't allow minding your manners to create space for others to treat you like shit.

39. Drink more water.

40. Respect the idiosyncracies of your age. It'll help soften the edge of 'maturing' & protect you from unnecessary injuries of the mind, body, & spirit.

41. Don't spend your time with anyone 'just cuz'. The trade of your time for meals or company, things, etc isn't worth it. Nothing is free.

42. If you identify as a woman, comfortable with whatever you believe makes you outwardly & inwardly a woman, EMBRACE your femininity. It is a beautiful thing & holds such great power. Use it wisely & enjoy the fruits of it, whatever they may be.

Bonus track: If you've not yet done so, find a way past your upbringing, your religion, your fears & inhibitions & find your way to enjoying sex. Fuck Have it however you want it. Fuck Have it often, fuck have it loud, have it nasty. Have it inside & outside. Skip work to fuck have it. Be late to have it. Fuck Have it for any reason & no reason at all.

& let the meme serve as .5 cuz I'm 42 & a half.

Watch me move.

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