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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


The Start of My Mutha(shut yo mouf) Weekend

The weekend was pure goodness! I can't do all of it at once & some of it I got to get clearance for. In the words of my Girly Girl--ignotainment at it's finest. So, Friday....

Early in the day I decided that I liked that nothing I was doing the day before & set out to do more of it. The skies were dreary & I didn't see any real reason for me to race out into the world. The only thing calling me out of doors was a few staple items for the kitchen that were not required in the moment. I've already come to regret this decision now that I know it would be the cause of inadequate breakfast come the morning but...whatever. Not having to put on clothes was a distracting plus so I sat my behind down to get at some meaningless tasks. I started with my toenails.

While Skyping my boy Auburn Ave I clipped, filed, & polished my toenails. I went with a color that continues to represent the spirit of summer. This Fall is gonna have to fight harder to take me down than the fat kid on the wrestling team 'cuz I'm not ready to give it up. Orange nail polish it was. While handling all this important business I talked on the phone to Flower Child & declined a text offer for lunch because it required me to dress AND drive. That all sounded like too much thinking, movement, & fabric so I opted out. After the Skype convo ended the cell phone rang & Transfomers wanted to know if I'd had lunch. By this time I'm hungry & headed to the shower anyway--& knew he would come to get me unlike the previous offer—so I accepted. Like I said in a previous post driving ain't his deal so we went around in a circle before he got his bearings to match where we were headed. Being around him keeps me on my toes, thinking a step ahead to anticipate recovery from his errors so I was prepared to take over directing where his knowledge failed. Needless to say, we got to eat lunch. And talk.

This time the conversation was deeper than before & it brought to mind how things grow & change. He asked me if I had any things about my self that I want to work on/change. Men keep asking me these “Duh!” questions so I think I actually said “Duh! Who doesn't?” Yeah...that part was rhetorical apparently, & I was just supposed to jump out there & divulge the list. Me being all transparent & attempting to break my silence on a regular basis divulged what I had time for before arriving back at my house. I don't know exactly what he took away from my response but when I got out of his truck the hug he bestowed upon me was much tighter than usual...& longer. Also, if I'm not mistaken, he lingered about the face area in the separation phase of the hug that made me feel like I was about to have to dodge a kiss. Everyone survived the moment unscathed. WHEW!!

Before, after, & during all of this I discover that a former classmate, Deez Blog, turned new acquaintance has taken Math Problems & Such a little too personally & used it as....food for his own blog. We engaged in a commentsation about it. From time to time I can be a bit argumentative. For sport. It's really a bad habit that I have been working feverishly to control & usually do. This day, for some reason, I was doubly unsuccessful. First, this other kid on Facebook was goin' hard at Prez Obama's neck. I don't do political convos but the dude was wearing on my nerves with his daily shots. I joined in the discussion & was INSTANTLY mad at myself for participating. These convos become about who's more right than the next & my opinion can only be right for me....though it's clear that it should be right for them too. *Kanye shrug* Anywho...Deez Blog (a cat clearly giving me his blog nutz to chew) clearly missed the point of my post & went off on a tangent that you can read HERE---followed by our comments exchange. I could no longer find him in my Facebook friends list so I assumed my post was too much for his spirit & he's decided that to relate to me at all is blasphemy in his small part of the world. Ehhhh, pi-shaw. I deserve a FAIL WHALE, despite the fact that I refuse to Tweet, for engaging in this argument. I just couldn't....walk....away.

I shook that load off & kept it moving. The night was also dedicated to my child's first co-ed gathering. When I lay curled up in a ball, giving up my own tsunami style tears over the beauty of her birth, nearly 13 years ago, I hadn't fast forwarded ahead to the moment where I'd have to entertain the idea of her entertaining boys. Uhmmmmmmm.....yeah......no......not ready. But it's here. So, like any good mother would do, I pulled up a chair with the other mommies, poured a glass of wine & dove head first into a cathartic conversation to avoid catching a contact high off Teen Spirit. All I gotsta say is Double You Oh Double You!! Women are some resilient, compassionate, forgiving creatures who need to DO BETTER!!! The shit we put up with in the name of love... We smile through the most side-eye worthy circumstances, plug our noses against the stench of cow dung flung from human asses & work really hard to keep the peace instead of chuckin' the deuces. My conclusion: NOT ANYMORE!! Seriously. I'm not seeking perfection but cats gotta come to the story telling some more creative lies before I'm convinced that this is even worth it.

I arrived home not long before dawn plagued with the need to let my fingers dance on the keyboard & ran up on some more hateration in this dancery. It was no matter...I had to rest up for Saturday. Hoping I get clearance cuz Saturday was a DOOZY!! It was definitely the way to bid adieu to the 24/7 freedom of summer's off. But please believe, ignotainment is year round with the lovelies in my circle. "Raise him up Jeezus!!"

Watch me move.

Post Script--I was so excited about the chance to argue that I don't even think I was clear. But....ehhh....no matter now.

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  1. Alrighty babe, sounds like a heck of a start. I kinda miss those days sometimes especially when sleeping with a six year old knee in my back while clutching the edge of a fold-out bed. But I digress. I read the exchange between you and dude and the accompanying blog post. Sounds like somebody has their ass on their shoudlers without the "gumption" as my mommy would say, to approach it in an adult way. Instead he resorted to getting into a word battle which he lost, especially when he spelled "woo" as "woe"(I caught that 'ish on first read). SMH