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Music Challenge: Day 18

Day 18-a song you wish you heard on the radio

Once I accepted that I liked some of the music played on the "Adult" stations that advertise things like 35 & over cards, I was able to occasionally have a good radio experience. There are certain occasions when you turn on the radio & it does you jesssss right. Whatever's on your mind is eased, slowed down, & then gingerly put aside for a song that takes you back...way back. I love it when I'm driving & take a risk on a Sunday evening & catch 1 of Whitney's songs off of her 1st album or some classic Luther or Freddie Jackson. When those songs are on, I'm reminded yet again of being a little girl & vibin' soooo hard with the words like I was actually the old soul the adults around me claimed I was. "She's been here before." Maybe I was channeling heart love & heart breaks from other life times. I'on'treallyknow. But I felt those songs at my core...my 8, 9...10 year old core. I'm transported back to my grandmother's basement, playing in the bar with the beaded curtains, fingering all the old 45's & the album covers in my mother's record collection. It was my own little world, just big enough for me to stretch out comfortably or for the Baby Sis & I to sit up in it together.

This song, Share My World by Mary J. Blige, didn't even get released as a single, so it never made it to video status. Actually, the whole album, named after the song I'm sharing, managed not to give a lot of singles, but it offered a few nice surprises--because I was getting off the MJB wagontrain by this time. It's 1 of those songs that, while I love the way it reminds me of lots of love felt & shared, it doesn't make me feel like it's specific to any one Him or period in my life. It makes me wanna be at a basement party holdin' on to whoever He happens to be at the time. Not grinding, but slow bopping in the warmth of the love--we hope--or great like you're sharing in that space & time. The song is both declaration & offer. I know the feeling well....

Watch me groove.

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  1. i think mary j and i split up after this album too.