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Music Challenge: Day 9

Day 9- a song you can dance to

THIS 1 is hard. As much as I like to dance, I can't really focus here. Should it be a song I used to love to dance to? A song I’ve confessed to pulling together some ratchet choreo for at a house party? Something from my childhood that still makes my hips move? Is it the song I cranked hard over the last year? A New Edition or BBD song I know ALL the choreo to? Should I choose a song that would surprise you that I even know or love? Perhaps a song that if it came on & I was at a red light, I’d get out & dance?

When I 1st decided to do this challenge I’d come up with a song already: Jazmine Sullivan’s Holding You Down. The 1st time I heard that song I latched on like a barnacle & rode it out!! It took me back to more than 1 time in my life. The lyrics spoke to the ridiculousness of the way chicks forgive dudes their indiscretions, teaching them to treat us in such craptastic ways. That “you act like this ‘cuz I let you…my bad, I won’t let it happen again.” I’ve been there. & The Guru has been reminding me to “teach them how to treat you” for no less than a decade. But that beat? Yeah, it’s recycled, but that’s the beauty of it. The nostalgia makes it so that you I can’t help but get the eff up & ROCK!! Then the video came out, all reminiscent of the movie House Party & sealed the deal for me. It was ALL ME!!, you know…minus the asymmetrical bob & the doorknocker earrings. But I posted that video in relation to Goin In Circles over a dude/relationship/concept, etc. No need to post the same song twice in the same blog so…I gotta choose something else.

Right after I moved that song out of the way in response to this challenge, another 1 came to mind instantly. No thought required. Charmed Life, remember?

Back history: My good friend Auburn Ave was in town visiting for the weekend. We’d gone to grab some escovitch & festival (loogidup if you’on’t know what dat is & then git you some post haste). As I parked the car to go in the iPod landed on My Sweetie by Wale. Growing up with all kinds of Africans & West Indians, this is the kinda song that transports me to the house parties my mother went to when I was younger, with the kids in a bedroom or some other part of the house. Those grown folks GOT IT IN!! They set the standard for me for how a house party is supposed to feel. & I’m proud to say I’ve thrown at least 1 in my day. My Sweetie channels that because Wale clearly lived through the same in his Nigerian upbringing. Naijahs love to party too!!

Anywho…the song came on & the next thing I knew I was drummin it out on the steering wheel & Auburn Ave had gotten out of the car to wind his waist a likkle bit. Well, I wasn’t gon’ let him wind by himself in the parking lot & have people thinking he was crazy, so I joined him. 1 is crazy. Two is a party. When the song went off we regained our composure, grabbed our fish & then proceeded to take our party back on the road. But not before runnin back My Sweetie. Thanks for this 1, Wale!!

Now, enjoy the video, that includes appearances by a couple ladies near & dear to me.

Watch me groove.

Post Script--I'll make the Shoe Personality of the Week a separate post later.

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  1. Gotta love men who hav confidence on the dance floor.